Excessive Deficit Financing is not the Solution


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March 22, 2016


Budget 2016: Excessive Deficit Financing is not the Solution


Ottawa, ON – “Excessive deficit financing is not the way to put the Canadian economy back on track” said Chatham-Kent—Leamington MP Dave Van Kesteren today, after the tabling of the 2016 Federal Budget. “This spending will only create more taxes now and more problems in the future when our children and grandchildren are forced to repay these loans.”

The Liberal Government tabled their budget for 2016 in the House of Commons today, but the 10 billion dollar deficit promised by the Liberal’s after forming government was ignored in favor of a nearly 30 billion dollar deficit. In order to pay for some of what they have promised the Liberals have already introduced new taxes on Canadians and have eliminated popular tax credits like the Children’s Fitness and Arts credits, and income splitting.

Van Kesteren said he is questioning certain priorities of the Liberal Government’s financial plan. For example, why there is only 30 million dollars over six years allocated to agriculture research – money that is primarily going to bureaucrats – while Radio Canada will be receiving 675 million.

Debate on the budget is set to begin this week, and will continue when the house sits again in early April.